We offer a comprehensive and well-balanced programme with emphasis in your child’s holistic development. Children learn best through play and discovery. The children also learn social skills when interacting with their peers; an enjoyable and meaningful experience.

Our focus are on the child and skills development such as creative, language, literacy, motor, numeracy and social skills; are tailored to their needs and interests, while ensuring that the child enjoys every moment at Global Tots Preschool.

A thematic approach is used and your child will learn with new theme each term, for example; All About Myself, Nature, Occupations and many others.  Our core curriculum includes:

  • Language Development (English & Chinese)
  • Mathematics
  • Art & Craft
  • Outdoor Activities and Social Studies
  • Self-Help Social & Safety Skills

In addition, we are incorporating well-recognised teaching resources like ‘Growing with Mathematics’ and ‘Jolly Phonics’.

As part of a holistic programme, we are including Chinese enrichment, Music & Dance, Gym and Cookery classes. We are also offering selective age appropriate enrichment classes in the afternoons.