Our son Jul went to Global Tots infant care when he was 15 months old and was transferred to their playgroup when he turned 18 months. To be honest, we chose Global Tots because of the proximity to our house in the first place. But then we got to know their concept and their staff and are so grateful that Jul can go to this child care centre every day. The staff is very caring, is looking after his needs and so we pick up a very happy and satisfied child every day. He thoroughly enjoys playing with children of his age in a friendly atmosphere and he loves all the activities. I would like to emphasize the outdoor activities outdoor play and water play, as they are so important to kids of his age. Jul also loves the morning circle with all the songs and he is even singing them by himself at home in the afternoon. That´s all kids of his age need – and as a bonus they get English and Mandarin classes as well as other academic contents, in an intensity that doesn´t overwhelm them.


Sabina (Jul's mom)

Liam has been with Global Tots since he was 4.5 months old and we have seen him develop into a happy, positive toddler. It is very heartwarming to see the teachers taking such great care of him and allowing him to thrive at his own pace. Over the past year, they have grown to become our ‘extended family’ of sorts, giving us much needed peace of mind whenever we drop him off at school for the day. We would like to thank all the teachers at Global Tots for consistently providing a cheerful and happy environment in which our child can learn, grow and thrive.

Keep up the good work!

Dave & Cheryl Ahern (Liam Ahern’s parents)

I was looking for infant care and was thrilled to find Global Tots in our neighbourhood. At the beginning, I thought the air-conditioned infant care was perfect for Zhenkai who sweats a lot. Now that he has gone on to child care, I appreciate that he is able to enjoy the outdoors within a safe, enclosed area that is still large enough for him to run about with other children. I can tell that his teachers are wonderful – from the number of times he tells me about them and what they do! And of course, he keeps showing off his learning in his understanding and speech. Also, I find that Global Tots places an emphasis on parent communication. The email newsletters are useful and a timely resource as our helper packs their bags so I very often miss out on the hardcopy newsletters . And I really appreciate the effort put into the class newsletters, besides frequent updates in the communication booklet – I love seeing how the boy spends his time in school and browsing pictures of him in action.

Low Mei Foong (Zhenkai and Zhenyang's Mama)