Global Tots has provided my daughter with the ideal learning platform to develop her academic, social and also emotional skills. She thoroughly enjoys the nurturing and fun atmosphere the staff and teachers all create which also places importance on each child’s unique personality and stage of development. It’s been really heart-warming, as a parent, to watch how much she’s grown and we feel really lucky to have her attending school in such a caring and creative learning space.

Thanks and much warmth,

Anoushka Beh (Ilyana Beh' s mum)

When a child wakes up in the morning and is genuinely excited to go to school, you know that you’ve chosen the right place for their early development. Our four year old daughter has attended Global Tots @ Holland for the last two years and as a result, she’s developing into a wonderful, caring and inquisitive girl.

It’s the teachers that make the difference and we’ve been fortunate to have wonderful professionals help shape our daughter’s positive outlook to learning and growth in a safe and nurturing environment. As a family that’s made Singapore our home for well over a decade, we’d wholeheartedly recommend Global Tots @ Holland to anyone wishing to balance a truly global curriculum, socialisation and fun for their children!

Xie xie ni!

Roman & Heather Matla (Parents of Kalyna)